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Esplanade Exploration Event
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Esplanade Exploration Event

When: Saturday, May 7 Free Tour 1-2pm followed by Free Music and Ice Cream 2-4pm

Where: Meet on The East River Esplanade at 86th Street for the tour, or join us later at 103rd Street for music and ice cream!

What: EsplanadeFriends welcomes urban naturalist Gabriel Willow, who will lead a walk from Carl Schurz Park up The East River Esplanade to 103rd Street. Along the East River Esplanade is a stretch of river known as Hell Gate. This used to be the most dangerous water around New York, with currents up to ten knots, and many dangerous eddies, whirlpools, and rocky reefs. During the mid 1800s, up to a thousand ships a year ran aground here! One such boat, the Hussar, even sank with a hold full of gold, never to be found again. Today the channel is no longer as dangerous (although it still has the second-fastest tidal current in the world, after the Bay of Fundy in Canada), thanks to a huge engineering project of the 1870s and ‘80s, when explosives were set off in the river to deepen it and clear out rocky shallows. Come join the walk to find out more about the fascinating history and ecology of this area!

Once we reach 103rd Street, we will enjoy the music of Josh Levine’s Cuarteto Guataca and free ice cream from Lower East Side Ice & Vice!

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